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Lumbar Support

Give your back some relief with lumbar support.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support FAQ

How long does it take to install the Automotive Lumbar Support?

The Lumbar Support has universal application and is easy to install. Estimated installation time is approximately 2 hours or less.

Will I need to remove the seat?

Yes. The Lumbar Support System gets installed under the cloth or leather of the seat. The seat cover needs only to be pulled up, not removed.

Will I have to cut the upholstery?

No cutting or stitching is required.

Is the lumbar support adjustable?

Yes. It can be adjusted according to the driver's preference.

Where does the switch go?

The switch can be mounted along the side of the seat or on the center console depending on the type of vehicle.

Can you install the lumbar support on leather seats?

Yes, the lumbar can be used on both cloth and leather seats.