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Line-X Spray-in Bedliners

LINE-X bedliners are sprayed thick enough to handle just about anything.

LINE-X applicators perform a multipoint inspection to make sure the optimal thickness is achieved, every time. These bedliners offer UV protection to resist fading and infinite color possibilities so your truck bed will look and perform its best, for years. LINE-X bedliners look tough and rugged, with a finished look that drop-ins can’t match.

LINE-X bedliners are multi-purpose, made for daily drivers or work trucks. The same LINE-X technology trusted by military and police forces around the world is used in every LINE-X bedliner. Superior levels of tensile strength and tearstrength let you haul heavy cargo with confidence.

All LINE-X bedliners are sprayed by professional applicators, and undergo a multipoint inspection to ensure prep, quality and thickness are optimal for maximum utility and clean lines.

In addition to a Lifetime Warranty, LINE-X can restore any old, faded or gouged spray-on bedliner to a like-new finish, even if LINE-X was not the original installer.

Line-X Spray-in Bedliners in Seattle, WA