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Covert Money-Making Operation in the Northwest Auto Sales Industry Assists Dealerships In Increasing Bottom Line Profits

How to easily make an extra $500 to $1,700 per copy with only average salespeople—You can’t afford not to squeeze every penny from every sale if you want to survive in today’s recession.

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Tuesday 5:44 PM

From the desk of:
Casey & Micah George

Dear Dealership Owner and GM,

Dealerships everywhere are in danger, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to sit there and do nothing about low inventory problems. Don’t let the fear-mongering news stories dictate whether your dealership makes money. You can successfully increase your dealership’s bottom line regardless of the global distribution problem. 

You can still thrive regardless of the “woes of auto sales” in the Pacific Northwest. But you need to pay attention, toughen up, and take a new approach. If you care about the future of your dealership, you’ll want to read every single word of this entire letter.

If you ignore this crucial transition in our industry, you will have given in to those who want you to fail. It means that you have given up on trying new ways to succeed. Like you, I am invested in the auto sales industry and want your dealership to grow further than ever. Let me help you increase your bottom line drastically and help recession-proof your business.

How Can Dave Smith Motors in Idaho Continually Destroy All The Competition, Including Your Dealership, Year After Year?

As you know, Dave Smith is STILL the World’s Largest Jeep Ram Dealer IN THE WORLD and the Northwest’s Largest GM Dealer since 1994, operating out of Nowheresville, USA (Ahem… I mean, Kellogg, Idaho).

Rumors abound about how they lavishly treat prospective customers, flying them in and putting them up in hotels. How on earth can they afford to spend so much to acquire a customer? How can they justify their marketing, advertising, and sales expenditures?!

See, there is a little-known secret the folks over at Dave’s place understand and have mastered. They don’t want you to know what it is for fear it will take away their competitive advantage.

In fact, it’s so top-secret that I had to nearly pry information out of the accessories manager at Dave Smith’s dealership. One of the things I picked up was their trick-of-the-trade about how to order and pre-load cars with accessories cleverly to increase sales. As I put two-and-two together, combining their business model with what I had experimented with on my own, I had the biggest epiphany of my auto sales career. I knew I had to master this to increase sales in my department and the whole company.

Despite my efforts, he squirmed, attempted to evade my questions, and ultimately offered me a job. It was flattering, but I can’t help but wonder that he was only doing it to avoid having a competitor out in the marketplace. Thankfully, I didn’t take that job offer, and now I am bringing these closely-held secrets to you.

Interestingly enough, from arduous trial and error, I had developed a system similar to what Dave Smith was doing while selling cars at a local dealership, taking my own initiative as a salesperson. It started to work so well that one month I was surprised to find out that I generated $151,000 in auto accessory sales for the dealership. It soon became commonplace to average $1,700 additional money per car sale. I was so successful that I was awarded the Top Auto Accessories Salesperson In The Country by AOA (Add-On Autos) in 2017 and 2018.

I made it my mission to use this secret, and by the end of this letter, you’ll know exactly what to do to have the kind of success that Dave Smith Motors has and maybe even beat them at their own game. I’ll show you how to do this for your own dealership.

The biggest problem, however, was that, normally, to duplicate Dave Smith’s system, you gotta’ spend a LOT of money. Serious investment capital. You need to increase your rent substantially with massive space requirements, buy a ton of equipment, hire a bunch of technicians, train everyone up, and then you have to sell like crazy to cover all the added overhead! That is just too risky for most dealerships even to consider. So I went a different way…

In 2022, I became the new proud owner of Auto Trim Design, the Northwest’s largest automotive restyler. You probably remember the previous owners, Jerry Hudson and Bob Filbert, that built this business. They had a great reputation, and I am very grateful they passed the torch to me to continue their tradition of excellence. We also service most of Western Washington from Bellingham to Centralia/Chehalis and parts of Eastern Washington. We specialize in sunroof and leather installation, paint chip protection, as well as window tinting, and several other car and truck upgrades. We have our main location in Tukwila and a satellite location in Lynnwood to serve dealerships and customers better.

  • I have been extremely successful with customers who return again and again for newer and better car upgrades and improvements.
  • In 2016, I ran the most successful auto accessories program built into a dealership in the country. I learned that getting customers all their accessories right at the dealership makes a delighted customer. PERIOD.
  • I implemented the system and processes, training, and more, including cooperation and motivation of the finance managers to area dealerships.
  • I trained the services and parts divisions, although that is not needed now that Auto Trim can do it for you.
  • My team built a custom shop in-house to avoid sub-contracting, but it was $28MM to develop, so it doesn’t make sense for most dealerships. Not only do you need a boatload of cash lying around, but you have to run a different business, which is complicated and distracts you from your core business.

I put in all the work for you and not only emulated and improved upon what Dave Smith does at his ultra-successful dealership, but my system now is much cheaper, lower risk, streamlined, profitable, and easy for you to implement in your dealership.

car dealer

Why dealerships can’t squeeze more money from customers—Here are the facts:

  1. Currently, dealerships do not have enough cars to sell due to global distribution problems… Yet somehow, some dealerships are still making a killing.
  2. Dealerships do not want to change the way they do business. They say, “We’ve been doing it this way for years. Why change now?”
  3. Some old-time auto sales shops are stuck in the 80s car salesman mentality and refuse to bring in new ideas like dinosaurs from the stone age.
  4. Auto-sales often only have limited add-ons to sell to a customer. Most of these services can be purchased elsewhere. These often include
    1. Extended Warranties,
    2. Preventative Service and Maintenance
    3. Theft Protection
    4. Gap Insurance
  5. You might sell more or fewer add-ons, but if customers aren’t buying, you lose money and time.

The big problem is that the average dealership is clueless about what car and truck buyers really want!

A new Foresight Report (from the Insignia Group) shows that a whopping 40% of new vehicle buyers accessorize their new car, spending a staggering 8% more than they did last year. While it’s no surprise that people are spending more for add-ons like alarms, wheels, heated seats, paint protection, and custom paint jobs, it is surprising that only 32% of customers report being offered accessory options by their dealership salesperson.

Bottom Line: New car owners want Car and Truck Accessories.

Customers don’t want to spend money on a warranty or an extended warranty or insurance on a warranty. That’s not fun. Customers want heated seats and state-of-the-art interior installations. Customers spend money on stereo systems, Sirius Satellite Radio, tinted windows, lumbar support, and backup cameras!

Your customers want car accessories, so they will go to a specialty store, like Auto Trim Design, instead of buying from you. If you don’t take advantage of this system, your business may suffer. Your customers say, The other car sales group offered us tons of installations and upgrades, and they made it really easy for me.”

Let’s get to the heart of the matter regarding dealerships and auto accessories. I have found that there are essentially three perspectives, or philosophies if you will, that you can choose from as an owner or GM.

Your first option is to take the perspective that you simply don’t do auto accessories – if you insist on being one of these people, then stop reading here because you’re going to be left behind.

The second common perspective about auto accessories is to showroom one car with some pre-loaded universal accessories to help customers see what is possible, but you stop there.

The third philosophy is to pre-load all your cars, treat them like a real profit center, and then ALSO up-sell additional accessories to make even more money.

Option one (and possibly option two) is a lame excuse for avoiding hard work and a dealership with no desire to make money. I know you don’t avoid being like Dave Smith’s dealership on purpose or because you can’t see his success or the value in what he does. Perhaps it is just human nature to be set in your ways?

This secret is an easy way to make an extra $500–$1700 or more on every car sale. I know because I averaged an additional $1,700 per copy when I was selling cars.

This is what Dave Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Kick-Ass Dealership understands in little-ol’ podunk Idaho! And they are eating you alive in sales, revenue, and profits year after year!

Dave Smith can grow during a recession because he makes more per customer by increasing Average Transaction Size and Customer Lifetime Value, which means he can afford to spend more to acquire a customer.

car dealer

Are you ready to learn how your customers will spend more money and time at your car dealership?

…Or will you keep watching as your competition schools you on maximizing profits on each customer transaction?

It’s time to rip the apple out of the nerd’s hand, chuck it at the teacher and take over the whole school!

Add a Top-Producer to Your Sales Team and Get Your Whole Team to Make More Money.

So, how can you do it like Dave Smith or even better? What’s the secret? How do you get your sales team and the finance department the upper edge, which is a great place to give special attention to, since they are already upselling?

Henry ford

“Any man can learn anything he will, but no man can teach except to those who want to learn.”
~ Henry Ford

What used to be an area of tension and friction (the finance department failing desperately to upsell an already tired and worn customer something they don’t want) is turned into a win-win.

By offering the dealership’s finance department more products and services to sell, you can make them a more integral part of the sales team and benefit both departments. This will lead to more satisfied customers, repeat business and higher profits for everyone.

But Casey, you ask, how do we teach our finance and sales department to sell auto accessories? Won’t that take time and money? No. I will teach the sales force and the finance department how to sell accessories. I will do 1-on-1 coaching for each salesperson (or do group sessions where appropriate.) 

I’ll do three full-day trainings for your dealership. The value of this training is 24 hours x $150 per hour = $3,600. I’ll do this as an added bonus that is free of charge.

Introducing my brand new…

Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System with Complete Training And Support

I will build you an Auto-Accessories Department and proven profit center where you have ZERO overhead. I will take care of the back end. I provide consulting, coaching, training, and teaching to implement the system for free.

I have designed a system that partners my auto accessories store, the Northwest’s largest automotive restyler, with Seattle and Puget Sound auto dealerships for them to have their own Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center. Notice that I said “Profit Center.” That is because you will increase your sales value by understanding the power of selling customers what they want right in your store with no overhead.

“If you want something to happen, you have to make people able, and you have to make them want to.”

~ Dr. Steve Kerr

(Former Chief Learning Officer of General Electric and Goldman Sachs)

auto department system

These are the benefits of my new Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System

  1. You will make more money on every car sold. On average, you can make at least an additional $500 for each car you sell. If you have a particularly ambitious salesperson or passionate about accessories, they might be like me and average $1700, or more, per car.

  2. You get happy and loyal customers (Happy people spend more money).
    Thrilled and returning customers want a one-stop shop for all their purchasing needs. This saves time and money and elevates the buying experience. There is no need to buy a car at a location, then go to other locations for extras.

    Customers leave better surveys (with us on your team, two teams are trying to get the customer to leave better surveys instead of just one. Your customer is more likely to refer and to give testimonials since there is now more reason (i.e., accessories give buyers “something to talk about”—it’s newsworthy in their life), as opposed to “just” buying a car.


  3. You get a happy and loyal sales team (Happier salespeople sell more vehicles).
    This is a way to motivate your salespeople who need motivation more than ever.  Salespeople love bonuses, and we make it easy to earn that extra incentive.


  4. You get a happier financial department (A happier financial department means better financial outcomes).
    We’ll give the finance department better options so that they can get paid to sell. The finance department has to buy in, and if they don’t, the owner has to incentivize it or make it happen as a part of the job. We have found that our system makes it much easier for the finance department to embrace the change.
auto accessories

If you sell cars, you MUST sell auto accessories.

With my Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System, I will show you how to reach your financial goals with minimal effort on your part and no overhead costs:


  • We build you an auto-accessories department and profit center, complete with innovative new software that makes it really easy to sell and serve
  • My team and I take care of the back end so you don’t have to
  • I do all the consulting, coaching, training, and teaching to implement the system so that you don’t have to stress or overload your team
  • You sell auto-accessories with my proven system so that you make more money
  • We do the installations with relentless care and superior customer service so that you can not only delight your customers, but get AMAZING surveys
  • You collect a percentage with almost no effort at all
  • We all win and you get more time to do other things you enjoy

Our New Proprietary Software Makes Everything Fast and Easy

Our configurator is a powerful tool for increasing accessory sales in your dealership. It helps customers visualize personalization options through an interactive presentation that makes ordering accessories from your customized CMS/CRM platform easy. This platform enables you to:

  • Increase pre-vehicle profits: Our software helps you extend the excitement of car buying by offering a range of drive-enhancing accessory options.
  • Increased Service Retention: Helps you by promoting your dealership services to create lifelong customers.
  • Supercharge your F&I penetration: Our software educates buyers on products that protect, customize and maintain vehicles, which makes finance and insurance a smoother sale.
  • Increase Your CSI: Your dealership has the information you need for a smooth buying process that fulfills your customers’ automotive needs so you ace the Customer Satisfaction Index.

This system benefits you, your employees, and the buyer, thereby increasing the chances that they will spend more time in the dealership, come back more often, and buy more cars and add-ons.

Dealerships get stuck in a vicious cycle of selling vehicles to customers who don’t return after purchasing. These customers leave as soon as they buy their car, and the dealership never sees them again.

You want to make more money on the customer, so you offer add-ons. Even if the customer buys a limited amount of extras, the dealership doesn’t necessarily maintain a happy and devoted customer. How often does a customer return to a dealership to get another warranty? They don’t.

This offer is absolutely free. For NOW.

This is not one of those bait-and-switch offers, like, “you’ll pay more once you join.” This is not one of those dreaded 3-month trial offers in which you pay a boatload of money without proof of results.

You don’t pay anything. I’m not asking you for any money.

This new opportunity is the key to boosting your overall sales, and it’s attainable only through my “Auto Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System.

Let me give you an example…

If you sell $100k/mo of auto accessories to a small portion of your overall sales, since you gross 40% on that, you get $40,000 of additional revenue without having to find a new customer.

The average dealership could make $500k in total car sales revenue per month, which means if they added in the additional revenue from auto accessories, they would quickly increase their overall sales revenue by 8% (40k/500k=8%). 8% is just for “average” dealerships, but even that adds up to great bottom-line results over time! Of course, if you really go all-in with my system, your profits could be much more.

Without so much lifting a finger, you can get an additional 8% of nearly passive income deposited to your bottom line. 

This auto accessories incorporation system has no overhead and requires no headaches. It transforms your dealership into a one-stop shop for customers who want to buy auto accessories, giving you a new revenue stream.

To learn how we can customize this system for you and try out our software for free

Or if you prefer…

Read what a dealership owner says about Auto Trim Design…

A Game-Changer for Dealerships: Casey George & Auto Trim Design

As a long-standing figure in the auto industry and former owner of Evergreen Ford & Chevrolet, I've seen many strategies come and go. But when Casey George took the helm as our accessories manager, he transformed our business in an extraordinary way.

Under his guidance, we implemented an in-house accessories program which doubled our accessory sales in just a few months. This new venture not only significantly improved customer satisfaction, but it also turned into a goldmine, pulling in an extra $100,000 per month at an incredible 40% profit margin.

Casey is now at the helm of Auto Trim Design, a company that has served us impeccably for over 30 years. With his innovative approach and dedication, I have no doubt he's about to revolutionize the auto accessories space. I strongly recommend fellow dealership owners to seize this opportunity to skyrocket their profits and customer satisfaction with Casey George and Auto Trim Design.
Tony Rehn
Former Owner & GM, Evergreen Ford & Chevrolet

What a typical customer says about Auto Trim Design…

“Auto Trim installed my Katzkin seats plus heated seats at their Lynnwood location. They did an amazing job! Super easy to work with. I’d recommend using them.”
“Had my car windows on my 2020 Toyota Corolla tinted and finished in less than 4 hours. Friendly and knowledgeable.”
Mathew Bomengen
“The crew at Auto Trim Design did a great job on my truck! Leather and heated seats look absolutely awesome, and the bra chip protection.”
Les B.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because I know you’ll love the Auto-Accessories Department, computer software, and Profit Center Maximizer, I’m offering a ONE-YEAR risk-free guarantee. Suppose you’re not completely satisfied with the results you get from my Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer. In that case, you’ll get a full refund on any software upgrades (should you choose any), we will part ways amicably, and I’ll never bug you about it again.

100 risk free

Now you understand how valuable this idea is because I have shown you the facts, proof, and the reality of how this profit center will benefit you. Do you want that, or will you just keep losing money for your dealership?

I am passionate about making a decent and honorable living by giving customers what they want and producing a profit for Northwestern Washington dealerships. I will help you be successful because when you’re succeeding, so am I. We are in this together. Make more money, make your employees happier, and make customers so grateful that they talk about you to every car buyer they know.

I am excited to hear from you, our new partner, who desires to take a simple idea and turn it into an extraordinary way to increase profits at your dealership.

Call or text Angie or Aaron anytime at: (425) 230-5565

Email Angie at


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Micah & Casey George

Owners, Auto Trim Design

P.S. Get a FREE customized plan to implement my Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System in your dealership so that you can try out this cutting-edge software and training process at zero risk and no upfront cost to you. You’ll get everything you need to increase profits using accessory up-sells, increase average order value and average customer lifetime value, and maximize the profits of every buyer who walks onto your lot. The value of the software alone is $396 per month, but you pay NOTHING. Call me at (425) 230-5565 today.

Get a FREE customized plan to implement my Auto-Accessories Department and Profit Center Maximizer System in your dealership

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