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Head Liner Restoration

Is your head liner hanging off your ceiling?

Get rid of that saggy headliner with a new one!

Eventually as your car ages you begin to notice that the headliner of your car's interior is becoming loose and unglued. It seems that it happens around eight to ten years after you've had your car. First, it starts out as a minor bubble of material hanging from your car's roof. As you're driving along you may notice it in your rearview mirror. Maybe it blocks your vision for the first time, and that is your first tip off that you have a headliner problem. 

Here at Auto Trim Design we can recondition your old and failing headliner. In most cases, we can remove the failing cloth from its backing and recover it with new material giving you a like new appearance. We can in many cases also repair damaged backing as well. We stock multiple colors and styles of materials, enabling us to give you as close to a factory look as possible, or you can choose a new color and individualize your vehicle to your tastes.

Head Liner Restoration in Seattle, WA

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