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"These guys are professionals at what they do"

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These guys seriously do some great work, I went in a couple months ago to get Katzkin leather seats with heating and cooling installed into my Challenger and am very pleased with the result. They had the install done in less than 2 days, the seats look amazing and the heating/cooling work great. I went back awhile after the initial install with a personal request to see if they could move the heating/cooling seat buttons to my dash/center console instead of the side of the seat where they were installed by default. At first they inspected my car and told me they weren't sure if it could be done because of how much room the switches would need inside the center console and the only way they would know is if they took it apart. I agreed to let them take a shot at it and got a call soon after telling me they found it is possible to move the switches to the dash and after picking where i wanted them they went ahead and got the job done for a very fair price and i picked up my car same day. Overall super good experience these guys are professionals at what they do & the work they did on my car is light out great!

Tyla Gratton
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