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"Great customer service"

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I have a 2018 Suburban, Chevrolet does not have factory mud flaps that work, I know had 2015 with the factory flaps. One would think Chevrolet would figure this out. Rick at Auto Trim has, I called and talked to Rick about the above issue, he said he would order in three types for me to look at. In a week Rick called and the mud flaps were in, went down to the store, Rick and I tried all three. We found the one that would cover the tires so rain and mud would be blocked from being thrown up on the side of the car. I made an appointment for the install, went to the store and both fore and aft flaps were done in less than an hour, plus they look great. While waiting I learned from another employee about preventive maintenance on my sunroof. Great customer service, will be in for the PM on the sunroof. Thanks Rick and the crew Regards

Tim A.
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