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M6 Wi-Fi HD Dual Dash Camera

Model #: MD-6200

Wi-Fi enabled Full HD (1080p) dash camera system including front camera, rear camera, GPS antenna, and 32GB micro-SD memory card.

MSRP: $299.99

Protection On and Off the Road

The Momento M6 is a smart dash cam that provides 270° of surveillance coverage – and records footage that you can view from the Momento smartphone app!


2-Channel Dash Camera
Enhanced Low-Light Image Sensor
Enhanced Low-Light Image Sensor
Impact Sensors
Built-in Shock Sensor
Driving Mode
Driving Mode
Parking Mode
Parking Mode
2-Year Warranty
2-Year Warranty

Exceptional Low-light Sensitivity

The M6 records in Full HD, giving you crystal clear footage in 1080p. Additionally, the M6 is equipped with a Sony Exmor-R image sensor that is enhanced with STARVIS, the industry-standard for surveillance applications, ensuring low-light performance.

What is a "Smart" Dash Cam?

The M6 is Momento’s first dash cam that connects to your smartphone by creating a small and secure Wi-Fi hotspot inside your vehicle that only you can access through the Momento App.

In addition to giving you easy access to your video files, the Momento App also provides additional driving insights such as speed, location and trip data.

Learn More about the Momento app >


Massively Upgradeable Storage

The M6 includes a 32GB micro-SD card that can be upgraded to any Class 10 micro-SD card up to 256GB. That’s twice as much as our leading competitors! Plus, its easy-to-use file management system best utilizes your storage while ensuring your most important videos stay saved.

High-capacity SD cards require specific formatting in order to work with the Momento M6. Learn more >


270º Coverage

Unlike our competitors, Momento M6 includes both front and rear cameras, giving you comprehensive surveillance around your vehicle.

An Extra Set of Eyes On the Road

You’re a safe, responsible driver, but accidents happen: Luckily, Momento’s got you covered:

Impact Sensors

Impact Sensors - Stores 15 seconds before and after any impact or shock your vehicle experiences

Driving Mode

Driving Mode - Continuously record everything at the front and rear of your vehicle while driving.

Parking Mode

Parking Mode - Even when you're parked, the M6 has motion sensors that trigger recordings.


Momento M6 Videos