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Does your back hurt when sitting in your car for extended periods of time?

You can set the amount of lower back muscle support you need for your individual comfort while driving. Tucked away inside the driver or passenger seat, the Lumbar Support System provides the precise amount of extra support to your lower back, decreasing lumbar strain at your command. Choose from automated or manual controls.

With automated lumbar support – you can change the comfort you need with just the touch of a finger. The seat mounted switch activates a pneumatic motor filling the bladder within the seat.

The Lumbar Support Systems are designed to be universal, however, prior to installing the unit, you’ll want to discuss the install of it determine whether or not it will fit your vehicle. Front-mount units are installed between the inner foam and outer material of your seat, while rear-mount bladders are used in situations where your seat’s exterior material is bonded (glued or stitched) to the supporting inner foam material. We know which systems fit what seats for the proper install.

Lumbar Support Location

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The Lumbar Support has universal application and is easy to install. Estimated installation time is approximately 2 hours or less.

Yes. The Lumbar Support System gets installed under the cloth or leather of the seat. The seat cover needs only to be pulled up, not removed.

No cutting or stitching is required.

Yes. It can be adjusted according to the driver’s preference.

The switch can be mounted along the side of the seat or on the center console depending on the type of vehicle.

Yes, the lumbar can be used on both cloth and leather seats.


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