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An auto dimming rear view mirror does all the work for you, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. You may be skeptical as to how auto-dimming mirrors work, but it’s actually pretty simple. An auto dimming rear view mirror senses ambient light and then fine-tunes the glass’s tint. So, if extra bright beams come up behind you, you’ll never even know— your mirror will automatically adjust before you have a chance to notice.

When choosing your new auto-dimming rear view mirror, you have several different styles and brands to choose from. Many auto dimming rear view mirrors even double with compasses and thermometers. In order to get the best rear view mirror possible, we recommend you choose a brand you can trust, like Gentex. As for style, choose one that gives you the view and the extra features that you want.


Equipping the Right Rear View Mirror for Your Vehicle.

Take a look at the Gentex mirror, for example. This rear-view mirror comes in several different styles to best suit your needs.Choose from compass, temperature, Homelink, or combined the features you want. Also know that Gentex has nearly 40 years of experience designing some of the top-rated mirrors on the market and is also an OEM supplier. They make mirrors for GM, Ford, and many other companies. Ask us how to install one of these mirrors in your vehicle by clicking the start button.

Auto Dimming Mirrors
Auto Dimming Mirrors


Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror From Gentex.

Rear-approaching headlight glare can wreak havoc on your night driving vision. You’ll be left alone in the dark with the fast moving hazards of the road. Ensure this doesn’t happen with the Gentex 2a Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror. The Gentex 2a Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror uses high-tech sensors to detect offending light. Instantly, the mirror eliminates dangerous glare with its “intelligent” circuitry leaving your vision intact. What’s more, less glare means less eyestrain and driver fatigue.


Gentex Auto-Dimming with Compass and Temperature
Make Nighttime Driving Safer! Eliminate dangerous headlamp glare from the vehicles traveling behind you with a Gentex automatic-dimming rearview mirror. It detects glare and automatically dims to preserve driver vision and make nighttime driving safer. The Gentex 20a also offers a compass and a temperature display. New dual display simultaneously shows vehicle’s heading and outside temperature. ICE indicator displays for one minute when the temperature is at or below 37 degrees, helping you anticipate road-icing conditions.

Auto Dimming Mirrors
Auto Dimming Mirrors


Gentex Auto-Dim Mirror with HomeLink


Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ Compass
The Gentex 5a Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror senses dangerous rear-approaching light and automatically eliminates it with its “intelligent” circuitry saving your vital night driving vision. And, less glare means less eyestrain and driver fatigue. This model also includes a compass built into the right side of the display.

Auto Dimming Mirrors
Auto Dimming Mirrors


Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ Compass & HomeLink

Activate garage doors, gates, home lighting and more with the press of a HomeLink® button nicely integrated into the auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass.


Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ Compass, Temperature & HomeLink
The 50-GENK50A Auto Dimming Homelink Mirror with Compass and Temperature reduces eyestrain and driver fatigue

Auto Dimming Mirrors


This is a question for us at our location. There are many makes and models of cars and trucks. Any painted surface of a car, truck, van, or SUV that is susceptible to bug damage and rock chips can be covered with paint protection film.

Paint Protection Film is most often used to cover the front portion of the hood and is also commonly applied to painted bumpers, mirror backs, truck bed rails, door handle inserts, door edges, rocker panels, mirror backs, wheel openings and more.


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