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Dash Cam Systems

Extra eyes for you and your ride.

What is a Dash Camera?

Dash cameras, or “dash cams”, are security devices that record and monitor activity around your vehicle. They are most often found mounted to the front windshield or on the car’s dashboard, hence the name “dash cam”.

Dash cameras protect you, your loved ones, and your vehicle by providing video and audio evidence of any on-road or off-road incidents. Advanced dash cameras by brands like Momento offer additional peace of mind with features like parking mode, full HD resolution, and dual-channel.

front dash cam

M7 2K QHD 3-Channel Dash Cam

2K QHD (1440p) 3-channel dash camera system including front and rear cameras. 2″ Built-in LCD. Featuring “Eco Mode” radar detection for optimized battery preservation.


M6 2-Channel Dash Cam w/ Wi-Fi Connectivity

Full HD (1080p) Wi-Fi dash camera system including front camera and rear camera. Download the Momento app to connect to your smartphone.


Why Momento Dash Cams?

When it comes to your personal and vehicle safety, leave nothing to doubt with the best and smartest dash cam on the road, the Momento M6. The Momento M6 offers premium protection in a compact package.

Dual-Channel • Front & Rear Camera • 32GB Micro-SD Memory Card • Wi-Fi Enabled • Sony STARVIS® Sensor • Speed/Trip Tracking • 1080p Full HD • iPhone & Android Viewer App • More M6 Features >

Momento Dash Cams

Why do I need a dash camera?

24-hours monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Momento dash cams constantly record and monitor activity around your vehicle, even when parked.

Peace of Mind

In the event of an accident or hit-and-run, there is no better witness than a Momento dash cam.

Instant Video Proof

With recorded footage, you can quickly expedite insurance claims or prevent insurance fraud.

Dash Camera Questions

Momento products are sold exclusively at authorized dealer locations listed on Please note, Momento products purchased from an unauthorized retailer will NOT be eligible for warranty and void without proof of purchase.

Installation of dash cameras is fairly simple. If you can install a basic car stereo system or alarm, you can probably install a dash cam yourself. That said, we highly recommend visiting one of our authorized dealers at in order to ensure PROPER installation. Also, your warranty will be voided if your Momento system is not purchased AND installed at an authorized retail location.

Momento dash cams are NOT always recording, but they ARE almost always monitoring. While driving, Momento constantly records as long as your engine is on. However, when you remove the key from the ignition, Momento dash cameras enter “parking mode”. While in parking mode, the Momento dash camera does not permanently record footage to your micro-SD memory card unless shock or motion is detected around the vehicle. If the Momento shock/motion sensors are triggered, your Momento Dash Cam will record footage from 15 seconds before and after the incident.

All electronic devices consume your car’s battery, especially electronic devices that remain on and active while your vehicle is parked. That said, Momento dash cameras have been engineered to preserve your car battery and minimize current draw. Additionally, all Momento dash cameras have low-battery detection, which shut off the camera completely if it detects battery voltage below a certain threshold (usually 11.7v).

All dash cam recordings are stored on the local micro-SD memory card inserted into your Momento dash cam. Recordings are kept as long as there is space. When space is no longer available, your Momento dash cam will overwrite the oldest recordings within the same category. Thus, “driving” footage will only overwrite other “driving” recordings, thus preserving your on-road incidents from being overwritten too quickly.